Vontron Technology Co., Ltd.
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Region : Asia and Pacific Area China Guiyang, Guizhou
Address : Liyang Avenue, Shawen National High-tech Park, Baiyun District, Guiyang, Guizhou
Contact : Overseas Division
Telephone : +86 10-53033980
Fax : +86 10-53033983
E-mail :sales@vontron.com
Website :http://www.vontron.com

      Vontron Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in the R&D, production and service of reverse osmosis membrane and nanofiltration membrane, is the Chinese largest professional manufacturer of composite reverse osmosis membrane, which owns the core technology and mass-production capacity of membrane, and the system design and application service supplier with powerful technical background.

      The company has built its production base in Guiyang, the annual production capacity of composite reverse osmosis membrane and nanofiltration membrane is 17 million square meters in 2016 and in 2017 the number will achieve 30 million. 

      The company introduced complete production line and technical process of reverse osmosis membrane from the US in 2001. After the absorption and development, the company started to produce industrial membrane, seawater desalination membrane, anti-pollution membrane, antioxidative membrane and residential membrane, which are widely used now in such industries as drinking water, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, municipal water treatment, industrial highly-purified water, supply water for boiler, seawater desalination, ultra-pure water for electronics, waste water treatment and cycling, material concentration and purification with its top-notch quality and technology. The company now is the global second manufacturer with the dry-method mass-production capacity of membranes. The R & D success of antioxidative membrane and anti-pollution membrane with independent intellectual property rights and advanced technology not only makes the products used excellently in the waste water treatment industry, but also solves a long-term application problem of reserve osmosis membrane in the organic and biological pollution industry, widely improving the application of products in medicine purification, sterile drinking water and other food & beverage industries. 

       The company has carried out several national and provincial projects including national 863 project, national innovation fund, national torch plan, national new product plan, restructuring and revitalization in key industries and so on. In the research group, the scientific research personnel with doctor’s and master’s degrees take 80 percent of all the staffs. In addition, the company has built the professional research platforms for the source design and development, processing research, inspection and experiment, technical support and application, equipment design and development, offering powerful technical support for the continuous, healthy and fast development of the company. 

       At present, the company owns more than 60 models in nine different series of composite reverse osmosis membrane and nanofiltration membrane. All of reverse osmosis membranes are processed through the state-of-the-art low-pollution technology and quality of which is at international advanced level. The desalinization ratio of some membranes is up to 99.85 percent.

       The Vontrontm reverse osmosis membrane of the company has got the US NSF-58 and NSF-61 certifications and exported to such countries and regions as the US, India, Italy, Spain, Germany, Turkey, S. Korea, Japan Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brazil, Canada and Taiwan. The company has established its agencies and stable client base all over the world.

       Adhering to the business idea of “Outdo itself and pursue for the best”, the company is and will be constantly innovative to launch the environmental-friendly products. 

                                               Vontron  Global Sales Network Diagram

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