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Established in May, 1999, Beijing Galaxy Technology Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Beijing Galaxy) is the national high-tech enterprise and enterprise of Shijingshan Zone of the Zhongguancun Science Park specialized in research, production, sales and service of educational instruments serving the education industry exclusively, which is the member of China Educational Equipment Industry Association, Beijing Educational Instrument & Equipment Association as well as Shanghai Educational Instrument & Equipment Association.

To fulfill the business principle, Beijing Galaxy has been gradually building and perfecting its quality management system and finally got the ISO9001: 2008 certificate (approved by CQC).

For over a decade of years, Beijing Galaxy starts its business from the single project and gradually expands its business scope into the research and production of educational instruments as well as offering the complete solutions for schools.

In 2000, the R & D team of Beijing Galaxy pitched to develop digital language laboratory and in July, 2002, the first-generation digital language laboratory of Galaxy was put into the market, since then, Galaxy has been perfecting and upgrading its product constantly. It is proved that Beijing Galaxy, together with a batch of domestic emerging enterprises, founded a new age of digital language laboratory. In 2002, the digital language laboratory offered by Beijing Galaxy was approved by National Center for Educational Technology; Galaxy series digital language laboratories was awarded the title of National Top 10 Brands (issued by China Association for Educational Technology) for four times in a row (2002-2009); In addition, Galaxy series digital language laboratories has got the national design patent, passed the quality inspection of The National Radio and Television Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and selected by CEIEA as the recommend products for four consecutive years (2009-2012). So far, Galaxy series digital language laboratories has been sold to more than 2000 schools of 30 provinces in China. 

In the second half year of 2006, Beijing Galaxy made inroad into educational instrument industry and began the development of educational equipment after its serious research and thinking. Since its first educational instrument was launched at the beginning of 2008 until today, the company has successfully developed such innovative products having proprietary intellectual property rights as electric motor, charge interaction demonstrator, discharge experiment instrument, electron induction coil, electric field demonstrator, digital electrometer, Van de Graaff generator and so on, which are featured as excellent quality, outstanding effect of experiment and meeting demands of improving the exploratory research targeted by the current curriculum reform, winning applause from the educational instrument departments, textbook compilation departments, professors, teachers and students as well as the respect and recognition of the counterparts (even the copycats).

Beijing Galaxy Technology cooperates with Primary Education and Research Center of Shijingshan District Education Commission to finish the compiling of local textbooks supporting the electric motors and static experimental equipments offered by our company, building the typical example of enterprise serving eduction industry in education reform.

It only takes more than five years for Beijing Galaxy to have its products sold all over China and sample products exported to the US, South Korea, Indonesia, the Middle East, the Philippines and Europe.

So far, Beijing Galaxy has applied for 13 patents while ten of which have got the approval and one product got the title of Beijing Independent Innovation Product. All products of our company have been selected to the Equipping Standard of Educational Instruments issued by Education Ministry in Feb, 2010, among which the electric motor and discharge experiment instrument were named after the title of our company.

Beijing Galaxy takes part in the drafting, revising and approving of multiply industrial standards of national educational instruments.

The Van de Graaff Generator developed by our company was shown on the popular science TV program “That Accounts for It--Explain Thunder and Lightning”made by CCTV 10 Channel on 18th Nov, 2012.

Beijing Yidasheng Medical Appliance Technology Co., Ltd., a branch of Beijing Galaxy Technology Co., Ltd., emerges as a promising enterprise in medical appliance industry, the Xingyun S-Ⅰinfusion pump developed by which wins applause for its high precision and excellent quality. Recently the company successfully developed by itself the medical infusion management system matching with the infusion pump, which will certainly change the pattern and current condition of traditional infusion both at home and abroad, further improve the infusion management and working efficiency in hospitals, relieve the pressure of medical staffs, decrease the accident rate and labor strength of medical staffs as well as cut the patient’s visiting time. The infusion management system is destined to become a new hit in medical appliance field and lead the development trend of medical infusion appliance.   

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